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l’Afrique du Sud – Wild Life Photographicas¬©

October 20, 2009

Murdered. High tech poaching operation saw both Rhinos overdosed with tranquilizers, horn of the female crudely hacked off with a chain saw. Calf died quickly but the horn left intact. Poachers used a helicopter for spotting, registration blanked out. The last White Rhino in the Kruger Park was poached in July 2010 – a… count of 120 KNP Rhinos in total in a year.

Need to raise funds to purchase special formula to feed the 9 month old orphan Rhino. You can purchase this print as a special edition – numbered/signed – which I’m using to raise funds for this cause.

The print image was taken in a park near JHB in 2007.
The 9 month old calf comes from a poaching ‘incident’ in the KNP last week. This is the calf that is being hand reared and needs quite a lot of special formula over the next nine months. Please help by contacting me for your print order. Packaging and posting included.

Murdered - Poached

In Process for publication – click here to view.

A hard-copy Edition including a hard cover and dust jacket.
A soft-cover Edition.

A multi-media DVD of this annual.

Cover for this Issue - but it's a draft

Cover for this Issue - but it's a draft